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December 3, 2009

xorg.conf for Dell 2209 WFPt Analog

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System-config-display in CentOS 5.4 did not recognize my Dell 2208 WFP.
Fedora 11 easily did it.


August 21, 2007

Generic table browser / editor with Application Express

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The Uber Browser demo was published on
The application is long gone (Oracle regularly cleans up demo accounts), but the source code is still available,
It uses the low cost pagination query described in the previous post.

Since the site does not hide users schemas from each other – Uber Browser becomes a dangerous tool.

To protect tables of other developers I had to limit it to my own schema and two demo tables.

Under the hood: a good mix of Dynamic SQL with Oracle XML gadgets (DBMS_XMLQuery + XSLT).
Very few moving parts.

August 10, 2007

The “Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 1” error in DBMS_XMLQuery

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Surprisingly enough the error means what it says – a missing bind variable.
Not excusing the weird behavior of the (otherwise lovely) DBMS_XMLQuery package.

This query works fine in my Toad, in spite of the unusual place for a bind variable.

select :r_max from dual where rownum <= :r_max

If I try to use DBMS_XMLQuery to turn the query results into XML I get an error.

  ctx dbms_xmlquery.ctxHandle;
  ctx := dbms_xmlquery.newContext(
    'select :r_max from dual where rownum <= :r_max');
  dbms_xmlquery.setBindValue(ctx, 'r_max', 10);

The error is:

oracle.xml.sql.OracleXMLSQLException: Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 1


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