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July 9, 2013

“XML Database vivification”

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The inspiring  (or vivificating) quote of the day which  reads like vers libre):

…While commercial solutions

Such as Oracle XML DB



Provide native XML database solutions,

Open source Hive


The advantages

Provided by the



Processing of the

Hadoop infrastructure

To enable

Widely effective




From Programming Hive, by Edward CaprioloDean WamplerJason Rutherglen (with my formatting).

Was it an Easter egg delight left for  tenacious readers?

I am  vivified!


January 2, 2013

A statistical Rorschach test

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Mean ape.

February 14, 2012

Sequel: α-corp vs ß-corp

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Part II.
“We have a problem to solve.
Let’s drink some beer downstairs.”

January 28, 2012

Alpha corp versus beta corp: a play for twitter

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“The project is late. Although you are a database guy, could you help the team with a Java project? “

“Sure thing. I am an engineer after all”

January 23, 2011

Fruit Sashimi

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In his thought provoking presentation “Hacking your organization”
Lloyd Taylor suggested a model of organizational culture based on two attributes:
— Solidarity;
— Sociability.

The attributes are orthogonal so the model is two-dimensional and represented by four quadrants:

September 19, 2007

“Create materialized view” fails on a remote view.

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An attempt to create a materialized view fails if the master object is a remote view.
The error is ORA-00942, table or view does not exist.
This happens when the remote view is not owned by the database link user. In my case:

create database link demo_db_link connect to MVADMIN identified by MVADMIN


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