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December 24, 2016

Redshift “Failed temporary block read” / code: 1075

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A Redshift query fails with a “Failed temporary block read / code: 1075” error.

We check for failed disks and see none:

 select host as node_id, count(*) as failed_disk_qty
from stv_partitions
where part_begin=0 and failed = 1
group by host; 

— returns nothing

Only after the failure repeats X times (10?) the disk is marked as failed and the aforementioned query returns a row with the count of failed disks.

 As as soon as the disk is marked as failed: Redshift starts avoiding the bad block, the Redshift support team generously replaces the whole failed node in no time.

Essentially, because of a single failed block we get a whole brand new computer 


 Why is this a problem?

The failing query takes XX-YY minutes to complete.

If we have to repeat the cycle 10 times – it will take XX*10-YY*10 minutes for the cluster to recognize and blacklist the failing disk.

Since only some queries fail – we suspect those with a WITH clause, which creates temporary tables behind the scenes – the process could take even longer.


The workaround we came up with is to run the same query in parallel to make it fail faster and mark the disk as bad sooner.


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