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July 25, 2013

Are you overpaying your BI engineers?

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We had a team exercise to design a simplest-possible-but-still-useful BI dashboard / report / KPI.



July 9, 2013

“XML Database vivification”

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The inspiring  (or vivificating) quote of the day which  reads like vers libre):

…While commercial solutions

Such as Oracle XML DB



Provide native XML database solutions,

Open source Hive


The advantages

Provided by the



Processing of the

Hadoop infrastructure

To enable

Widely effective




From Programming Hive, by Edward CaprioloDean WamplerJason Rutherglen (with my formatting).

Was it an Easter egg delight left for  tenacious readers?

I am  vivified!

July 6, 2013

OBIEE iBots: status and exit codes in the S_NQ_INSTANCE table

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The S_NQ_JOB contains jobs definitions. 

The S_NQ_INSTANCE table contains one row for each job run.

Two columns in S_NQ_INSTANCE shed light on what happens with an iBot.
1. EXIT_CODE: number of e-mails sent by an iBot job, after the job is completed (probably after a commit)/
0 – Completed
1 – Running
2 – Failed
3 – Cancelled
4  – Timed Out

July 3, 2013

Creating a Dual table in Hive

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Supposedly, a database without a DUAL  table is not a database.

Here is how an Oracle patriot could create the DUAL table in Apache Hive.

Let’s say – to make it easier to port Oracle SQL to Hive QL.

my.desktop$ echo 'X' > /tmp/dual.txt

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