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January 28, 2012

Alpha corp versus beta corp: a play for twitter

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“The project is late. Although you are a database guy, could you help the team with a Java project? “

“Sure thing. I am an engineer after all”

“The project is late. The team has to work on weekends.”

“Although I am a database guy I can help the team with the Java project.”

(mumbling) “He is weird. DBAs don’t do Java.”

“Seriously. Let me help”

“Thank you. We will hire more Java developers.
In the meantime – the team will work on weekends.”

“We did it! The project is on schedule. Let’s drink some beer at the pub downstairs!”

“We were late,
we have tons of bugs,
customers are not happy,
we will pretend it is a huge success!

Let’s have a happy hour!

The pub is 10 miles away and there is no mass transportation.
So – don’t drink and drive. “

Voice behind the curtain:
“α-company has a profit margin of 3 percent.
ß-company has a profit margin of 30 percent.”

All persons fictitious disclaimer.


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