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January 6, 2012

Oracle documentation Easter eggs

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Let’s catch them before they disappear:

B.2.2.2 loader.dat

1; A History of Goats; SPINDRIFT BOOKS;50
2; Robust Recipes Inspired by Eating Too Much;SPINDRIFT BOOKS;28
3; Atlas of Greenland History; SPINDRIFT BOOKS; 35
4; Bed and Breakfast Guide to Greenland; SPINDRIFT BOOKS; 37
5; Quitting Your Job and Running Away; SPINDRIFT BOOKS;25
6; Best Noodle Shops of Omaha ;SPINDRIFT BOOKS; 28
7; Complete Book of Toes; SPINDRIFT BOOKS;16
8; Complete Idiot’s Guide to Nuclear Technology;SPINDRIFT BOOKS; 28
9; Java Programming for Woodland Animals; LOW LIFE BOOK CO; 10
10; Emergency Surgery Tips and Tricks;SPOT-ON PUBLISHING;10
11; Programming with Your Eyes Shut; KLONDIKE BOOKS; 10
12; Forest Fires of North America, 1858-1882; CALAMITY BOOKS; 11
13; Spanish in Twelve Minutes; WRENCH BOOKS 11
14; Better Sex and Romance Through C++; CALAMITY BOOKS; 12
15; Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition; KANT BOOKS; 12
16; Oracle Internet Developer Suite; SPAMMUS BOOK CO;13
17; Telling the Truth to Your Pets; IBEX BOOKS INC; 13
18; Go Ask Alice’s Restaurant;HUMMING BOOKS; 13
19; Life Begins at 93; CALAMITY BOOKS; 17
20; Dating While Drunk; BALLAST BOOKS; 14
21; The Second-to-Last Mohican; KLONDIKE BOOKS; 14
22; Eye of Horus; An Oracle of Ancient Egypt; BIG LITTLE BOOKS; 15
23; Introduction to Sitting Down; IBEX BOOKS INC; 15


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