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December 5, 2011

Rhizomatic learning

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This metaphor is refreshing but it escapes definition.

“…This makes me think of the night sky.
We humans look at the panoply of stars, and
we select a few with which to structure constellations, pictures and stories.
Because from our vantage point the stars seem to shift so slowly —
in our lifetimes hardly at all —
then we are seduced into thinking that our pictures and stories are eternal.
Modern astro-physics has taught us better.
The rhizome of the universe is shifting at incredible speeds constantly, and
eventually our treasured stories and pictures will no longer map well to reality.

The stars will have moved.

The challenge of the rhizome is to look afresh at those stars and to create new stories and new pictures.
That’s what the rhizome does.”


Will rhizomatic learning become as powerful as Gonzo sofware development?


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